Via Francesco Baracca 40 e 46, 52100 Arezzo

It all begins with an idea that can be inspired from the market demand or our own imagination. We can create proprietary items or customize our collections to the clients’ needs. We are constantly working on new products because we know how quickly the market trends can change.

Thanks to the mastering of 3D design software and 40 years of hands-on experience, our in-house designer combines the precision of CAD technology with the knowledge of practical issues facing each product.

We invested in prototyping machines for the realization of models in resin and wax: these two advanced methods are used based on the type of product to be created.

Resin prototyping
Wax prototyping

A wide range of machineries such as pantographs, CNC machines, semi-automatic presses and shearing machines allow us to create many kinds of jewelry using silver sheets based on a simple drawing.

Our specialized personnel have acquired the know-how through decades of experience in their positions. The manual processes taking place within our factory are soldering, emerying, hinging, sheet bending, stamping, setting different types of natural stones, polishing, sandblasting, diamond-cutting, plating and assembling.

The last step, before individually placing the items in their bags, is the visual check to guarantee the Italian manufacturing quality, worthy of the Made in Italy label.

A Typical Day in our Factory